Dear 7th Generation

Ever wonder what people 200 years ago thought the future would be like? The French postcards above give us an idea of how 20th century humans predicted the year 2000 would look like. Contrast these images with how present day trends suggest the world will look like in a business as usual scenario. Sadly, our most reliable models don't go beyond 100 years, so how we will live even 200 years into the future (roughly 8 human generations) is left mostly to our imaginations. 

In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation.
— Great Law of the Iroquois

Parents usually think about what is best for their children, so lets apply Iriqouis wisdom and try to care about our progeny with a longer timespan in mind. How do our choices today affect the available options that our descendants will inherit?  At our present rate of resource depletion humans today are unfairly taking away resources from future generations. What would you say to someone who will be born on this planet 200 years from now?

Write a letter to humans born 200 years into the future  

This section explores this imaginary (but pressing) dialogue between past, present, and future Earthlings in epistolary form. Ideally, the very thought exercise of imagining your intended FUTURE audience can bring about practical change in the PRESENT. Imagine: a world where the precautionary principle is not trumped by economic interests. Imagine a planet where even future generations have political power

Add your voice! Send your letter for the future (with a picture) to contribute.

For added inspiration, below is a short talk by Carolyn Raffensperger on how we too can become great ancestors.