Why consume more plants and less animals? Because it is delicious!

A Connected Life (12 min) gives a basic introduction to some of the reasons why we benefit from a plant-based diet.

There are many reasons for adopting a plant-based diet, including: 

  • It reduces the chance of heart disease and cancer
  • It reduces the amount of antibiotics and hormones we are exposed to through the meat industry
  • It allows a fairer distribution of food since the grain produced to feed animals can feed people
  • Producing plants as food requires far less water and land to produce than meat
  • Dolphins, turtles, whales, sharks etc. are not killed "accidentally" when growing veggies.
  • Plants do not pollute the environment with tens of thousands of kilos of excrement per second
  • If we eat fewer animal products our carbon and water footprints are drastically reduced
  • It allows you to connect and empathize with other beings who are equally or more intelligent than your dog or cat

And much more, these are just some of the most common reasons. In fact, everyone has their personal reasons to become aware of what they eat on a daily basis. However, perhaps one of my favorite reasons is simply that a plant-based diet is really delicious! In this section we explore the world of veganism and its wonderful aromas, colors, flavors.


Many of us could not imagine a balanced (much less a tasty) diet with no meat, eggs or dairy. Fortunately, one quickly discovers that there are infinite possibilities without resorting to animal products. Dazzle the world with your vegan creations! They will be showcased on our Vegan Life section. Together, we will create an online recipe book of your favorite vegan dishes that people can browse based on ingredients, dish name, etc. 

Please remember to include a photo, a list of ingredients and steps to follow.