Anarchism has but one infallible, unchangeable motto, ‘Freedom.’ Freedom to discover any truth, freedom to develop, to live naturally and fully.
— Lucy Parsons

subMedia.TV is a fantastic grassroots media effort that has taken extremely seriously their responsibility to amplify the message of anti-capitalist and anti-colonial resistance since 1991. Their hundreds hard-hitting shorts & documentaries have covered numerous struggles: from anti-fracking protests and anti-nuclear movements to student strikes and anti-pipeline movements. This is a much needed space, given these marginalised voices are commonly shut away from the mainstream narrative that shapes public perception about our common struggles. They also make short and high quality videos that explain key concepts of anarchist  philosophies. One of our favorites, "What is Mutual Aid", is embedded below. 

Do be warned: Some of their content, such as the irreverent Stimulator, does not mince words. However, if you are offended by curse-words more than by the issues being addressed, you might be part of the problem...

If you like what they do, please consider donating, or become one of their video ninjas and get paid to report on struggles around you! Who knows, if enough of us do, the revolution...might be televised?

Which is your favorite video? Which other alternative media channels do you suggest? Share it with us on the comments below!