Juice Rap News

As history - our story - is played out in day-to-day events, and journalists are like historians in the present tense, in this crossroads between ruin and the stars, can we afford to have News that is blind to who we truly are? Were no innocent spectators and bystanders, but accomplices and players in all that happens. And thats the news that is most urgently lacking.
— Robert Foster

The dynamic duo from Melbourne, Australia, Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant drop palms and report how reality is stranger than fiction. Make sure you pay attention to their fact-packed socio-poetical rhymes, as they unpack some of today's most complex and pressing issues. Recurring characters representing different worldviews interact in parody rap battles. You will hear from a range of opposing viewpoints, from the military-industrial complex, to the alternative media conspiracy-theorist, to the beer-drinking, 'barbie'-loving Aussie, and many more. Their trademark brilliance, however, is in the final synthesis (a.k.a. 'the juice') that the host, Robert Foster, usually delivers at the end of each episode. No subject is too big, not even relativity. Philosophy, politics, and hip-hop collide in a flurry of creativity.

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