Myrmex: A Comic Ant-thology

Science and education are at their core acts of storytelling. Nature tells her story to scientists and scientists in turn share Nature’s stories with the world."   -Andrew Collins

Science and art are our two most powerful tools for exploring our reality and communicating about it. Myrmex: A Comic Ant-thology is a perfect example of how to harness the potential of these tools for storytelling to effectively engage students in the practice of science. Flip through 60+ pages of artful panels to explore:

  • A Day in the Life of an Ant
  • When Ants Have Relationships
  • Inside Look: An Ant Colony
  • Fighting for Turf in the Ant World
  • Scientists and Ant Discoveries

These comics were made made by science communicator/educator Andrew Collins and a team of very talented artists, scientists, and illustrators. As a project that fully resonates with HumanCoral's philosophy of interdisciplinary collaboration, we can't wait to see their future publications. Download their comics and inspire the next generation of scientists!