Millenium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB)

Foster, fuel and inspire a global dialogue on the interconnectedness of activities causing environmental degradation and social inequity;

Create and implement strategies for shifting human cultures and institutions towards sustainable practices and an equitable and satisfying future."

Stanford's MAHB is a nascent global network of social scientists, humanists, and scholars in related fields whose collective knowledge can be harnessed to support global civil society in shifting human cultures and institutions toward sustainable practices and an equitable and satisfying future.

In this site you will find a network of natural and social scientists ("associates") and institutions ("nodes") that collectively construct an inter-disciplinary vision of what sustainability might look like: economic systems that depend on agility and equity without depending on growth, social systems that recognize the limits of our ecosystemsenergy and resource infrastructure, and governance: a world where most people can meet their basic needs while enjoying a high quality of life. 

This is also a platform where associates and nodes can share resources, connect with one another, post events and coordinate efforts.

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Screenshot of MAHB library topics