United Classroom

Howard Zinn said 'The presence of another human being is a powerful fact'. Let us open the walls of the classroom and provide our students the powerful fact of their fellow global citizens." - Zak Ringelstein, Co-Founder of UClass

United Classrooms helps students around the world become critical thinkers with a global vision. The purpose is to provide a platform for students to bring themselves to the learning experience and interact with perspectives that are beyond the four walls of their classroom. Like 21st-cenury pen-pals!

When a teacher signs their class up, students can log in to a secure classroom profile page where they can share content with their own teachers, classmates and parents AS WELL AS collaborate with other classrooms across the globe. It unites students from diverse backgrounds in the creation of a safe and dynamic global community where knowledge, experience and relationship are shared beyond the classroom walls.

UClass is completely FREE to use and has already atracted over 5,500 users in 42 countries in less than one year since it started. If you are a teacher, you will appreciate this (and so will your students)!

Co-Founders Zak Ringelstein and Leah Schrader talk about UClass at TEDx Claremon Colleges