Movimiento Agroecológico de América Latina y el Caribe (MAELA)

Movimiento Agroecológico de América Latina y el Caribe (MAELA)

MAELA representa a cientos de miles de campesinos-as, agricultores familiares, y pueblos indígenas que sostienen desde sus organizaciones y territorios sistemas agroalimentarios sanos, seguros y soberanos para alimentar a nuestros pueblos.

Environmental Justice Organizations, Liability, and Trade (EJOLT)

EJOLT is a global research project bringing science and society together to catalogue and analyze ecological distribution conflicts and confront environmental injustice.

Myrmex: A Comic Ant-thology

Science and education are at their core acts of storytelling. Nature tells her story to scientists and scientists in turn share Nature’s stories with the world."   -Andrew Collins

Science and art are our two most powerful tools for exploring our reality and communicating about it. Myrmex: A Comic Ant-thology is a perfect example of how to harness the potential of these tools for storytelling to effectively engage students in the practice of science. Flip through 60+ pages of artful panels to explore:

  • A Day in the Life of an Ant
  • When Ants Have Relationships
  • Inside Look: An Ant Colony
  • Fighting for Turf in the Ant World
  • Scientists and Ant Discoveries

These comics were made made by science communicator/educator Andrew Collins and a team of very talented artists, scientists, and illustrators. As a project that fully resonates with HumanCoral's philosophy of interdisciplinary collaboration, we can't wait to see their future publications. Download their comics and inspire the next generation of scientists! 

United Classroom

Howard Zinn said 'The presence of another human being is a powerful fact'. Let us open the walls of the classroom and provide our students the powerful fact of their fellow global citizens." - Zak Ringelstein, Co-Founder of UClass

United Classrooms helps students around the world become critical thinkers with a global vision. The purpose is to provide a platform for students to bring themselves to the learning experience and interact with perspectives that are beyond the four walls of their classroom. Like 21st-cenury pen-pals!

When a teacher signs their class up, students can log in to a secure classroom profile page where they can share content with their own teachers, classmates and parents AS WELL AS collaborate with other classrooms across the globe. It unites students from diverse backgrounds in the creation of a safe and dynamic global community where knowledge, experience and relationship are shared beyond the classroom walls.

UClass is completely FREE to use and has already atracted over 5,500 users in 42 countries in less than one year since it started. If you are a teacher, you will appreciate this (and so will your students)!

Co-Founders Zak Ringelstein and Leah Schrader talk about UClass at TEDx Claremon Colleges

Millenium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB)

Foster, fuel and inspire a global dialogue on the interconnectedness of activities causing environmental degradation and social inequity;

Create and implement strategies for shifting human cultures and institutions towards sustainable practices and an equitable and satisfying future."

Stanford's MAHB is a nascent global network of social scientists, humanists, and scholars in related fields whose collective knowledge can be harnessed to support global civil society in shifting human cultures and institutions toward sustainable practices and an equitable and satisfying future.

In this site you will find a network of natural and social scientists ("associates") and institutions ("nodes") that collectively construct an inter-disciplinary vision of what sustainability might look like: economic systems that depend on agility and equity without depending on growth, social systems that recognize the limits of our ecosystemsenergy and resource infrastructure, and governance: a world where most people can meet their basic needs while enjoying a high quality of life. 

This is also a platform where associates and nodes can share resources, connect with one another, post events and coordinate efforts.

MAHB library.png

Screenshot of MAHB library topics


Organización basada en Guatemala que crea obras originales de temas sociales y ambientales. La misión de Cosmovision es la comunicación social para transformar la realidad consolidando el respeto a los derechos de los pueblos y el respeto a la naturaleza. Para este proposito se utiliza educacion popular, entretenimiento, investigación social, y producción de materiales educativos con la participacion de los actores en el proceso de creación. 

Guatemalan organization that produces original works with environmental and social themes. Cosmovisión's mission is to transform reality through social communication, consolidating respect for nature and people's rights. To do this, they use popular education, entertainement, social investigation, and production of educational materials that have been created through participatory approaches. 

Defensa y conservación de los Manglares de Tulate, Retalhuleu Guatemala. Realizado por Sergio Lopez.