I am sorry for what the planet probably looks like to you...

Dear 7th generation, 

I'M SORRY for what the planet probably looks like to you. Even today we have very serious water and sanitation issues, climate change is regularly wreaking havoc on our planet with stronger storms, droughts, and floods. Our scientists today warn that if we don't pursue a more equitable and sustainable future we risk extinction. I can only imagine what our planet looks like to you.

Our leaders have mostly failed the people and the planet in favor of the economy and capitalism. Society has built this system in which money is the main driving source behind human interactions. The small minority of people who control the vast majority of the wealth do not want to change a system that benefits them. Meanwhile, the majority of people are too preoccupied with where their next meal will come from to seek alternative ways to collectively organize our lives. I don't mean to say this to excuse our collective inaction, but rather just to give you a sense of the complexity of our present situation. 

I know that you probably resent our generations, and with good reason, but know that not everyone ignored our collective legacy of injustice. Many of us are dedicating our lives so that you too can enjoy the gifts of past and present generations. The coming years will be crucial for the evolution of our planet, and this is probably only the first of many letters I will write to you as new developments happen during my lifetime. 

Until next time,